User Agreement


This User Agreement shall regulate legal relationship between the Administration of PhysiognomicaBot (hereinafter referred to as “the Bot”) and the User of the Bot, as well as materials posted there.


Administration of the Bot asks you to carefully read this User Agreement.


  1. Main concepts

1.1. Website – a website located on the Internet at:

1.2. Bot – a bot located on the network

1.3. Developer –a legal entity locating the Bot on the Website.

1.4. Administration of the Bot – a limited liability company “DIR” located at: 121205, Moscow, Skolkovo Innovation Center Territory, 42 Bolshoy Boulevard, building 1, premise 334, workplace No. 26, PSRN 1167746793390, TIN 7731325864.

1.5. User – a competent natural person using the Bot in his/her vested interests.

1.6. Brief physiognomic analysis – determination of the type of person’s personality based on analysis of facial features and its expression, through the photo uploaded by the User, prepared by the analyst for provision to users free of charge or on a paid basis for subscription purchased by Users.

1.7. Services – functional capabilities, services, features, tools available for Users in the bot.

1.8. Personal account – User’s personal section in the Bot related to the User account in the Bot, where the Services provided in the Bot are available to the User.


  1. General provisions

2.1. Use of the Bot, materials posted on it, provision of services in the bot shall be regulated by current Russian Legislation, provisions of this User Agreement, the Privacy Policy and other documents regulating the bot activities.

2.2. The User Agreement shall be a public offer in accordance with part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The User shall join this User Agreement upon access to the Bot and its materials.

2.3. The launch of the Bot by the User shall mean the complete and unconditional acceptance by the User of this Agreement in accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The provisions of this Agreement may be accepted only entirely, without any exemptions.

2.4. Use of the Bot shall be possible only in accordance with the terms set forth in the User Agreement and other documents regulating the Bot activities. The User shall be obliged to stop using the Bot in case of disagreement with any terms of this User Agreement.

2.5. Our project is an informational bot. All analyses, information and recommendations published in the Bot are provided solely for informational and entertainment purposes.


  1. Rights and obligations of the User and Bot Administration

3.1. User shall have the right to:

  • — independently study the acquired brief physiognomic analysis and other materials in the Bot and use them for his/her own needs;
  • — purchase a subscription to the offered product;
  • — provide his/her public data when working with the Bot.


3.2. User shall be obliged:

  • — to use the Bot in such a way as not to violate Russian Legislation and this User Agreement, other documents regulating the activities of the Bot;
  • — to respect the rights and freedoms of third parties;
  • — not to take any action that could lead to a disproportionately large load on the Bot;
  • — not to copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or present content, information contained in the Bot without the consent of the Bot Administration;
  • — not to take any action that is aimed at violating the normal work of the Bot or other services thereof.

3.3. In accordance with Russian Legislation, the User bears full responsibility for his/her own actions and inaction when using the Bot. The User, who uploads photos to the Bot, bears the risks on his/her own.

3.4. Bot Administration shall have the right to:

  • — amend the terms of this User Agreement;
  • — moderate materials posted in the Bot by Users;
  • — block temporarily or permanently the Personal Account of the User in case the User has repeatedly violated the Russian Legislation, this User Agreement, the Public Offer;
  • — send newsletters through messages from the chat bot.

3.5. Information in the Bot shall be provided on the basis of “As Is”. The Bot Administration shall not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Bot, absence of errors.


  1. Posting a physiognomic analysis in the Bot

4.1. The Bot Administration shall have the opportunity to provide physiognomic analysis for free and sell through the Bot by posting in the Bot an offer for Users to purchase subscription for 30 calendar days.

4.2. The subscription cost amounts to 99 (ninety nine) rubles. The cost may be changed by the Bot Administration at any time.


  1. Receiving a physiognomic analysis in the Bot

5.1. The User shall have the opportunity to receive a free-of-charge physiognomic analysis or purchase a paid subscription in the Bot.

5.2. The subscription term shall be 30 calendar days. Subscription shall not be automatically renewed.

5.3. After expressing the intention to purchase the subscription by clicking on the “Subscribe” button in the Bot, the User shall be redirected to the gateway of the corresponding payment system where the User shall pay for the subscription using any of the offered methods.

5.4. The User shall get access to an extended paid analysis immediately after paying for the subscription except as otherwise provided for in point 5.8 of this Agreement.

5.5. The User shall independently bear responsibility for errors that he/she made when paying for the subscription.

5.6. The user shall accept and agree that he/she does not have the right to a refund of the payment made for the subscription, regardless of the results of the forecasts received as part of the subscription.

5.8. Bot Administration shall reserve the right to cancel the subscription of the User, where:

  • — the order of the User looks unusual or fraudulent;
  • — The Bot Administration has grounds to believe that the User is going to resell or provide forecasts to third parties.


5.9. The Bot Administration may not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the Bot due to the display of external facial features and expressions depending on the device on which the photograph is taken, as well as depending on lighting and other factors. The user shall bear full responsibility for any use of the information provided in the forecast.

5.10. The Bot Administration shall provide a guarantee regarding the duration of the paid time for the provision of services for Users who have subscribed.

5.11. Where the service is not provided due to the fault of the Administrator, the subscription shall be extended for the period of downtime due to the fault of the Administrator.


  1. Intellectual Property

6.1. The exclusive right to the Bot, including to its name, elements of its design, articles, graphic images and other Content posted in the Bot shall belong to the Bot Administration.

6.2. Any use of the name of the Bot, logos posted in the Bot, elements of its design shall be prohibited.

6.3. The use of materials posted in the Bot, their reproduction and distribution by any means, including on the Internet, public display, making available to the public, copying (full and partial), alteration, shall be prohibited, with the exception of cases when the written consent of the Bot Administration is obtained for such actions.

6.4. For violation of copyright and exclusive rights, administrative, civil and criminal liability shall be provided. Any violations shall be prosecuted by the Bot Administration in a judicial proceeding.


  1. Dispute Settlement, Complaints Procedure

7.1. Bot Administration shat exert best efforts to prevent violations of anyone’s rights in the Bot.

7.2. In the event of any disputes or disagreements, the Bot Administration shall exert best efforts to resolve them through negotiations.

7.3. The complaint must be sent as a scanned copy with the signature of the person who is of the opinion that his/her rights were violated, or that of his/her representative, to the following email:

7.4. The complaint must contain the following information:

  • — what rights were violated;
  • — information on the person who is of the opinion that his/her rights were violated;
  • — information on the representative where the complaint is signed by the representative (full name, scanned copy of the letter of authority);
  • — in what actions of the Bot Administration the violation of rights was expressed;
  • — contact details for communication (phone number, email address, Skype username, if any);
  • — date and signature of the applicant or his/her representative.


  1. Final provisions

8.1. User Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its publication and shall be valid until revoked by Bot Administration.

8.2. The Bot Administration has the right to make any amendments and additions to the terms of the User Agreement or to revoke the User Agreement at any time at its discretion without notifying the Users.